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Our comprehensive set of analytical equipment, which includes electron microscopes (SEM); Energy Dispersive X-ray microanalysis (EDS); Fourier-Transform Infra Red spectroscopy (FTIR); X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) and many others, allows us efficiently resolve your technical problems and concerns.


We know well that time is money. Therefore, our turn-around time is shortest among all our competitors, with the quality of work remaining “second to none”, according to our customers testimonies.

Electron Microscope

If you are not sure we are the right company for you despite testimonies from our customers, then we would be honored to prove it otherwise. The best thing is that it would be free of charge for you, as we are confident after you see our work you will become a returning customer.

Our Services

Elemental and Compositional Analysis.

SENTEC identifies product properties to the smallest detail. We have the technology and knowledge to evaluate all materials: inorganic; organic-based; composites; plastics etc.

We can help to assure your customers that your product complies with their specifications and/or requirements of JEDEC; MIL; IPC and other standards.

Analysis of the integrity of solder joints of any types of electronic components. We can also help to streamline your SMT; wave or selective soldering process. 

Whether you have to deal with a case of functional or mechanical failure, we have the right combination of experience and equipment to get down to the root cause and suggest a course of corrective actions.

Analysis of the integrity of plating layers or a layered structure for various applications: environmental protection; wear resistant; cosmetic. In many cases analysis can be perfumed literally on-the-fly without any sample preparation.

Coin, jewelry and precious metal collectors and investors will benefit from our on-site service if they want to confirm the composition of their precious belongings.

Our Capabilities

SEM: High resolution imaging of any materials with magnification up to x200000.

EDS: Elemental analysis of mainly inorganic-based materials down to boron (B) with a possibility to quantify the results and assess/or the level of oxidation.

XRF: Indispensable tool for quick and reliable materials and plating characterization without special sample preparation

FTIR: Compositional analysis of mainly organic-based materials and their identification by comparing to our 10000+ entries library.

High resolution color imaging of specially prepared samples for weld analysis, soldering, tribology

Quick test to check for the integrity of solder joints of ball grid array (BGA) components.

Professional preparation of sample for analysis to a mirror-like surface for further analysis

Thermogravimetry (TGA) and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) are widely used to study the properties of materials as they change with temperature. The techniques are indispensable for characterization of plastics; sealants; epoxies etc.

What makes us different



We provide extremely quick turn-around time – from hours to just a few business days


Our customers call our service “second to none”


We offer extremely competitive prices and if you find a better price, we will beat it by 10%


Technical consulting is free for our loyal customer


We can solve a vast variety of problems and help you save money

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