About Us

SENTEC Materials Characterization and Analysis

SENTEC Testing Laboratory Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified high-tech company specializing in Quality Assurance in Materials Testing, Analysis and Characterization for various industry sectors including electronics, automotive, oil and gas, aerospace, medical devices, polymers and plastics, mining, composites, nanomaterials and consumer products. 


Founded last Millennium and incorporated in 2010 as an Engineering Consulting company, we have grown into a team comprised of PhD holding professionals with related work experience from some of the largest North American and International corporations. 


With over 50 years of combined industrial and R&D experience, we have a thorough understanding of various manufacturing processes, as well as the potential problems and failure modes associated with these processes. This allows us to quickly and efficiently identify the root cause of the failure and formulate corrective and/or preventive actions. This in turn allows our customers to successfully manage the manufacturing and their supply chain concerns. 


We have helped our customers to save millions of dollars by resolving the issues that would compromise product integrity. SENTEC’s solution will assure that your product is reliable, and your Total Cost of Quality is minimized. 


We are certified as a supplier (service provider) by many international companies such as PFC Flexible Circuit; Blackberry; Veoneer and Stryker, to name a few. 


Our Quality Policy Statement 


SENTEC Testing Laboratory Inc. provides technical consulting, failure analysis and analytical testing services to improve quality and reliability of our client’s products. SENTEC achieves this through qualification of client’s manufacturing processes and supplied parts and components, while identifying the root causes of failure through identification of properties and behavior of materials used in the various industries, which allows us to formulate corrective and preventive action. SENTEC is committed to continually improving our client’s processes via opportunities identified through the internal audit, management review, and customer satisfaction processes. SENTEC always strives to exceed customer, statutory and regulatory requirements. 


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