Tests for Consumers

Even though SENTEC is a high-tech company, a wide range of consumers also use our service, as we can confirm the composition of gold and silver bullions, as well as analyse collectables (coins, antiques) and jewellery. 


We can also check consumer goods for the presence of substances such as lead, arsenic, etc. banned by the RoHS directives  



An ancient coin was brought in for verification of its elemental composition.


The coin was a Bruttium, Caulonia Nomos circa 525-500BC, AR 29.8mm., 7.07g. Apollo, diademed, walking r., holding laurel branch in upraised r. hand and small running daimon who holds long branch on outstretched l. arm; in r. field, stag r. on platform, with head reverted. Rev. The same type incuse. Noe, Caulonia 26. SNG ANS 152 (this rev. die). Historia Numorum Italy 2035.

coin analysis

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